The UBK Happy Funtime Hour

- Ordinary vs. “Extraordinary” Compressors
- How To Gain Stage With Plugins?
- Can Noise Help Your Mix?
- How to Mix Two Tracks!
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Sharon (Kearney Music)!

...And More!

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- Attacks: Slow, Medium, or Fast?
- Does Mono Compatibility Matter?
- How to Arrange an Album!
- Great Mixes vs. Great Songs!
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Chris Vail!

...And More!

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- Our Latest “Eureka” Moments!
- Why Can’t Artists Finish Songs??
- How to Produce While Engineering!
- Why Everything Sounds Like Ass!
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Robert (Bag of toys)!

...And More!

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