The UBK Happy Funtime Hour

- What Exactly Is a “Pro Mix”?
- Hi Pass WHATs?
- Yet Another Phase Lecture!
- Rapid Fire Question Time!
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Daniel Kassulke!

...And More!

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- Why Mix At Low Volumes?
- Does Bussing Degrade Sound?
- Drum Samples: When? Why?
- EQ'ing: Frequencies, or Notes?
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Sergey!

...And More!

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- Reaching the Next Level!
- Talking to Clients About Money!
- That 70's Doubled Vocal Sound!
- The Ups & Downs of Collaboration
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Mrs Jason Ferguson!

...And More!

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 - Making Kicks DEEP and TIGHT! - Curing Mix Burnout! - Collaboration Ups and Downs! - Compression Changes the Groove! - This week’s plugin winner is..... Damilola Adepitan!     ...and more! 
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 The funniest podcast on music production and mixing presents Episode 96 - “It's TOO Lopsided!”   - Tune It, or Leave it Pitchy? - Producing: Hands Off vs Heavy Handed! - Making Lop-Sided Arrangements Work! - Good Internet Feedback? Good Luck! - This week’s plugin winner is..... Daniel Barreto!     ...and more! 
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