The UBK Happy Funtime Hour


- Are Engineers Stuck in the Past?

- Turning Off Your “Engin-Ears”

- Finding Tutorials That Help


- This Week’s Plugin Winner: Benjamin Richards!


…and much, MUCH more!

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- The Dangers of EQ!  Beware!!!
- Mixing into a Master Limiter?
- Templates are for Winners!
- Our Favorite  Analog Distortion
- How to Finally, Actually (Probably) Grow Up

- This week’s plugin winner is…Michael Williams!

…and much, MUCH more!

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- Staying creative with Option Anxiety.
- Making Big Moves to Big Cities.
- UBK Happy Funtime Rant of The Week Time!
- Got a problem in the bass? It ain’t the bass!
- Multi-tracking guitar and YOU!
- Can new gear solve old problems?

- This week’s plugin winner is…Jinzōningen Jū Roku-Gō!

…and much, MUCH more!

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- Mic Preamps: Tools with 1,000 Uses
- Making VI’s Sound Less FAKE
- Getting Authentic Dub Music Effects
- Do You Really Need Outboard Gear?
- Recording Ensembles with One Mic

- This Week’s Plugin Winner: Alex ‘Run by Dogs’!

…and much, MUCH more!

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