The UBK Happy Funtime Hour
 The funniest podcast on music production and mixing presents Episode 95 - “It Has to Sound Green!”   - Limiting is for Chumps, Clip It! - What Does the Release Knob Do??  - Multi-Band Compression is for Chumps! - Temp Tracks: Inspiration vs. Plagiarism?  - This week’s plugin winner is..... Steven Varney!     ...and more! 
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- hi-passing too much? Back it off!
- How did UBK and Nathan get so smart?
- Monitoring at low volumes. . . How low should you go?
- What makes a record memorable?

- This week’s plugin winner is..... Tim Scanlon!

...and more!

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- Watching Out for Signs of Burnout
- Taming Dynamic Music vs. Crushing It
- Rewriting a Song? Recapture the Passion!
- Arranging Tunes the UBK Way!

- This week’s plugin winner is..... Dave Tate!

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- Ladies Need More Than 90 Minutes
- Seating Vocals into the Mix
- New Gear: Do You Need It?
- Who Does Multibuss Compression?

- This week’s plugin winner is... Dhaitanya Das!

...and much, MUCH more!



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