The UBK Happy Funtime Hour

Sylvia Massy is coming to the UBK Happy Funtime Hour! Hurry and submit your questions for this Grammy winning engineer with scores of Platinum and Gold records and a distinctly creative approach to all things recording!

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- Does Compression Add Warmth?
- Does Ableton Summing Suck?
- Adjusting to ITB Mixing!
- Who Uses Summing Boxes??
- Separating Mixing from Writing!

- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is………Cory - AKA Droid Sauce!!

...And More!

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- Compressors: FET vs. VCA vs. Diode!
- Taking a Mix to the Next Level!
- Punchy, Tight Guitar Stacks!
- UBK Does Hillbilly Heroin!
- Drum Buss Compression!

- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is………Thorsten Meyer!

...And More!

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The funniest podcast on music production and mixing presents Episode 129 - “Happy Scumtime!”

- How to “Practice” Compression!
- What’s Wrong with Electronic Music?
- Corrupting Young Minds!
- Music that Inspires Us!

- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is…… Al Westrick!

...And More!

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- UBK Got Mastered!
- Getting Soft, Overdriven Drums!
- EQ Ear Training?
- How Many Sets of Monitors?
- When Clients Never Finish!

- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is……Geoff Southall!

...And More!

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- How to Sound as Good as Us!
- Mixing Vocals to 2-Tracks!
- Can “The Industry” be Saved??
- IR’s for Guitar Cabs??
- Linked vs. Unlinked Compressors!

- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is……Greg Goekler!

...And More!

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The funniest podcast on music production and mixing presents Episode 126 - “Simen Says!”

- Transient vs. Tone!
- Our Favorite Reverbs!
- Our Favorite TV Shows!
- Tune Drums to the Song!
- How to Get More Clients!

- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is…… Chrissy Richardson!

...And More!

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The funniest podcast on music production and mixing presents Episode 125 - “Now I’ve Got You, You Son of a Bitch!”

- Bad Mixing Advice!
- Good Relationship Advice!
- Our Worst Audio Moments!
- Our Favorite Emails!

- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is…… Anonymous!

...And More!

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- Every Mix is a Mix!
- Mixing From the Gut!
- Why Hate on Behringer??
- “Disciplined” vs. “OCD”!

- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is…… Villem Rootalu!

...And More!

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- Balancing Kick vs. Snare!
- Are Dynamic EQ’s Compressors?
- Getting That 70’s Vibe!
- Don’t Hate on Slate!
- Plugin Input Levels!

- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is…… Brian Leighton!

...And More!

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