The UBK Happy Funtime Hour

Welcome to the first collection of juicy ‘best of’ mixing advice from the first 49 episodes of the UBK Happy Funtime Hour!


- Andrew Maury talks Spectral Analyzers!

- The Myth about Magic Frequencies.

- Session-wide phase alignment: Worth the effort?

- How to balance Glue and Separation in your Mix.

- How to approach your mix critique from different angles.

- Joe Barresi talks Getting it Right at the Source!

…and much, MUCH more!

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- UBK Grump of the Week!
- Why 6dB of Headroom for Mastering?
- CoAxial Monitors: Yay or Nay?
- Stacking Vintage-Style harmonies
- Should You Reference Other Mixes?

- This week's plugin winner is...Fred PuaaTuaa!

...and much, much more!

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- Making VSTi Drums Sound Good
- It's not the Reverb, It's You
- Preamps: Do They Really Matter?
- Tips for Mixing Meaty Guitars
- Plugin Winner: Leonardo Telles!

…And Much, Much more!


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- Hip Hop is our friend.
- Learning to Commit to sounds In The Box. 
- Being Unhappily Satisfied With Your Mix Translation.
- How to Give Advice to a Professional Equal. 
- The Three-to-One Rule and You!

- This week’s plugin winner is Kristofer Göransson!

…And much, much more!



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- When Did We Discover Our Passion?
- The TRUE Truth about PHASE
- What the Heck is “Compressing for Tone”?
- Panning & Treating Backing Vocals
- How to Survive a Business Partnership
- Brand New Segments!

- This week’s plugin winner is…Jack Russ! Come on down and claim your prize!


…and much, much more!

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In this episode...

- How Joe Builds a Mix
- Why Joe Holds Workshops for You
- Why Joe Uses 16 Analog Delays
- Why Joe Stops at 44 Tracks
- Why Joe Prefers Pedals to Plugins

...and much, MUCH more!

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- The Correct Way to Produce Singers
- WTF is Multi-Mono Processing?
- New Segment: Funtime TRAINWRECK Time!
- The old 'Start With Automation' debate
- Sweat the Acoustics... but Not Too Much!

…and much much more!

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- Having Multiple Sclerosis & Pursuing Dreams
- Do Cheap Cables Sound as Good?
- Do 500 Modules Sound as Good?
- Do Clones & Knockoffs Sound as Good?
- Can You Phase Align Everything in a Mix?

and much, much more!

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- Shocking Audio Engineering School Exposé!
- When Do You Consider Your Work ‘Good’?
- De-Essing vs. De-Ethhing
- Blending Acoustic and Electronic Sounds
- Emphasis/De-Emphasis: When & Why

…And much, much more!

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- What Exactly IS Mixing?
- Listener Mix Critique!
- When to Stop Tinkering?
- Down with Homogeneous Stereo!
- E-Lancing Sites: Blessing or Curse?

…and Much, much more!

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