The UBK Happy Funtime Hour

- Forming a "Vision" of the Mix

- UBK's Favorite Frequencies

- Getting Electronic Drums to Leap Out

- Best time of day to Mix

- Technically Better vs. Creatively Weaker

- Reznor-esque Drones & Soundscapes

- How Passive EQ's really work

and a LOT more!!!

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- FOUR Question of the Week Winners!

- Getting Multi-Tracks to Sound Like 'A Band in the Room'

- Staying Nourished During Marathon Sessions

- Making Friends with Bass

- Business & TAXES

- "Irrational Headphone Mixes"!


plus Uncensored Bloopers and much, much more!

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- Analog Summing: Does It Make a Difference?

- Why Is High End Gear So Stinkin' Expensive??

- Invasive Cymbals… Look Out!

- 3-8k Harshness: What's Really Going On?

- Free UBK Plugins?

- Balancing, Faders, and Controlling the Space

- Headroom Advice for Mastering

- Is Mono a Thing of the Past?

- More Grumbling about The French

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- Elevating a mix from 'balanced' to 'GROOVIN'

- Getting a fresh perspective on your mix

- Making a mix 'smooth' rather than 'dirty'

- Plugins that emulate a/d converter clipping

- Getting more analog into digital sounds

- Surround Sound: does the industry care?

- Is it better to sound 'New' than to sound 'Good'?

- How far is too far when polishing a mix?

- Learning to hear more subtlety & nuance


And bonus blooper reel!


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- Multi-band Compression: yes or no?

- Tracking sounds that serve the Production

- Mix/Arrangement Analysis: Lovage

- Is recording to SSD drives safe?

- Clients who can't hear groove or subtlety

- Cracking open the dark tone of ribbons

- Expensive monitors: worth it?

- PLUS: Uncensored Blooper Reel!

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The Season 1 Finale of UBK Happy Funtime Hour is up! Over one hour long, for your listening pleasure!

- "Question of the Week" Kush T-Shirt winner

- Mix Analysis: Arctic Monkeys!

- Using Compressors to Alter Note Lengths & Timing

- How Bright is Bright Enough?

- Knowing what the Next Step is

- What's included in your Mix Rate?

- How to Choose your Clients

- OTB Workflow Problems: Solved

And more... enjoy our longest episode yet!

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Episode 14 - "Aim for the Dog!"

- Question of the Week Kush T-Shirt Winner

- More on Configuring Subwoofers

- Time Align: Stretching vs. Manual Editing

- Knowing How Much to Charge Clients

- Widening a Mono Source without Damaging It

- Recharging & Refreshing Your Brain

- Running an Engaging Session as an Introvert

- Where & How to Get Inspiration



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Episode 13 - "Good Luck With That!"

- Question of the Week Giveaway Prize Awarded!

- Plugin Marketing Claims vs. Plugin Truth

- Grump of the Week!

- Big Snares in Dense Mixes

- What Doesn't Go in the Drum Comp

- Beware of Too Much Isolation

- UBK Saturates Everything!

- Self-Doubt... WTF?- Subwoofer Faux Pas

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Episode 12 - "I Don't Bathe Much"

- Why does Saturation add 'Depth'

- How to say "Your Music Sucks"?

- EQ tips for novices

- another UBK Brain Training Exercise®

- New Segment: "Grump of the Week" (!!!)

- How Tempo dictates Arrangement choices

And much more, another action-packed adventure for mixing & production nerds everywhere! Enjoy!!!

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Episode 11 - "Crime Pays..."

- UBK's patented "Complimentary EQ" technique

- 70's delay techniques & studio monitors

- Exactly how 'quiet' is 'quiet monitoring'?

- Better Mic Placement on Vocalists

- Whining Old Guys

- Managing Multiple Deadlines

- Happy Funtime's Analog Vocal Chain

- Singing with Feeling


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Episode 10 - "You don't like Bing Crosby???"

- UBK doesn't really like 6k

- what every client *really* wants & how to earn their trust

- get new gear vs. get better with what you have

- should you cut breaks on your rate to get a gig?

- more on getting a tight bass

- do good arrangements still need automation?

- brain chemicals & musical evolution

- is new gear a good business investment?

- when to stop trusting your ears on a mix

This one is DENSE, enjoy it twice!

Gregory Scott | UBK

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- Balancing Glue with Separation


- EQ before vs. after Compression (UBK-1 vs. UBK Fatso)


- Pusher Video Update


- Troubleshooting Digital and Analog Gainstaging


- Addressing Frequency Balance via Arrangement


- Bouncing Tracks Together = Commitment


- Lo-Fi sounds in Hi-Fi productions


- Pro's and Con's of Mixing While High


- People: Good Crazy vs. Bad Crazy


- and more!

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- Getting Past Walls & Creative Blocks in a Mix


- Small Moves, "Shaving the Mix into Being"


- Tucking Things Further Back with more Presence


- Mixing on Headphones vs. An Untreated Room


- You don't want "dead", you want "dry"


- Getting mix critiques on the Internet... hmmm....


- and more!

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- Getting a Juggernaut Low End


- Finding the Ideal Tempo


- Monitor Placement & Low Freq Tuning


- Arrangement: What It Is vs. What It Contains


- Being Ruthless with the Mute Button


- Gainstaging and When to Keep Levels Low


- Getting Free Stuff by Signing Up for the UBK HFH list


- and more!

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- Different 2-buss compression approaches


- Knowing When It's Done




- Why 192k?


- Making it Bright but Not Edgy


- Mixing more Emotionally


- and more!

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- Reverb Braintraining Exercises


- Earthquakes


- PONO: Will Anybody Care?


- Compression Before Saturation


- Arranging the Old Fashioned Way


- The Neuroscience of Compulsions


- and more!

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- Deviated Septums


- Creating Width & Depth with L/R Contrast


- Reverb: Simple Starting Points for color & movement


- Colored A/D Converters like the B2


- Coke Snorting Investment Bankers


- Tweak Your Setup to Maximize Creativity


- Davíde Pensadieux


- Monitoring at Incredibly Low Volume


- Reference Mixes: Yes or No?


- and more!

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- 192k meets the Studer


- Home Mastering Advice


- Nathan's version of Brauer's "5 comps on vox"


- Do We Really Need Another New Mic?


- Magic Frequencies redux


- Nine Days in Patchbay Hell


- and more!

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- NAMM (it's about the people)


- UBK's process for writing & self-recording songs


- Antelope's Orion 64 i/o Interface, Focusrite Red Compressor, Izotope's Denoiser


- The Magic of 1k


- Meditation


- We're All Thieves


- and more!

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A pilot that was never supposed to hit the air, we just grabbed crappy mics and yammered on for an hour with absolutely no purpose or direction.  We found 10 minutes that were fit for public consumption and made it episode numero uno.

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