The UBK Happy Funtime Hour (Music)

- Getting Past Walls & Creative Blocks in a Mix


- Small Moves, "Shaving the Mix into Being"


- Tucking Things Further Back with more Presence


- Mixing on Headphones vs. An Untreated Room


- You don't want "dead", you want "dry"


- Getting mix critiques on the Internet... hmmm....


- and more!

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- Getting a Juggernaut Low End


- Finding the Ideal Tempo


- Monitor Placement & Low Freq Tuning


- Arrangement: What It Is vs. What It Contains


- Being Ruthless with the Mute Button


- Gainstaging and When to Keep Levels Low


- Getting Free Stuff by Signing Up for the UBK HFH list


- and more!

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- Different 2-buss compression approaches


- Knowing When It's Done




- Why 192k?


- Making it Bright but Not Edgy


- Mixing more Emotionally


- and more!

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- Reverb Braintraining Exercises


- Earthquakes


- PONO: Will Anybody Care?


- Compression Before Saturation


- Arranging the Old Fashioned Way


- The Neuroscience of Compulsions


- and more!

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- Deviated Septums


- Creating Width & Depth with L/R Contrast


- Reverb: Simple Starting Points for color & movement


- Colored A/D Converters like the B2


- Coke Snorting Investment Bankers


- Tweak Your Setup to Maximize Creativity


- Davíde Pensadieux


- Monitoring at Incredibly Low Volume


- Reference Mixes: Yes or No?


- and more!

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- 192k meets the Studer


- Home Mastering Advice


- Nathan's version of Brauer's "5 comps on vox"


- Do We Really Need Another New Mic?


- Magic Frequencies redux


- Nine Days in Patchbay Hell


- and more!

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- NAMM (it's about the people)


- UBK's process for writing & self-recording songs


- Antelope's Orion 64 i/o Interface, Focusrite Red Compressor, Izotope's Denoiser


- The Magic of 1k


- Meditation


- We're All Thieves


- and more!

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A pilot that was never supposed to hit the air, we just grabbed crappy mics and yammered on for an hour with absolutely no purpose or direction.  We found 10 minutes that were fit for public consumption and made it episode numero uno.

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