The UBK Happy Funtime Hour (music)

- Hating Yourself and Your Mix!
- Reversing the Mix Buss!
- Doing Things Without Permission!
- Handling Harsh Sibilants!

- This week’s plugin winner is… Karlis Steinmanis!

…and more!

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- The Worst Intro EVER!
- Creativity vs. Tradition!
- Marketing vs. Bragging!
- Regret vs. Acceptance!

- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Greg Berne!

...And More!


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- How to Start a Mix!
- Compression vs. Automation!
- How to “Find the Time”!
- Getting Good at Everything!

- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Tim Keen!

...And More!

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- UBK Goes Deeper ITB!
- Advice from the Future!
- Improv in the Studio!
- Workflow Beats Sound!
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Bobby Balow!

...And More!

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- Compressing Sample-Based Music!
- Complexity vs. Simplicity!
- The Magic of Pre-Delay!
- All You Need To Know About Mono!
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Ryan Raffa!

...And More!

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- Why Vocals are Hard To Mix!
- Hit Men LOVE La2a’s!
- Room Treatment: Why??
- Writing: Escape the Rut!
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Bunmi Solomon!

...And More!

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- Sizeful Drums!
- Working with Limited Gear?
- Getting A “Professional” Sound!
- Cleaning Up Messy Sessions!
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Enrico (Redblackredmusic)!

...And More!

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- Ordinary vs. “Extraordinary” Compressors
- How To Gain Stage With Plugins?
- Can Noise Help Your Mix?
- How to Mix Two Tracks!
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Sharon (Kearney Music)!

...And More!

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- Attacks: Slow, Medium, or Fast?
- Does Mono Compatibility Matter?
- How to Arrange an Album!
- Great Mixes vs. Great Songs!
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Chris Vail!

...And More!

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- Our Latest “Eureka” Moments!
- Why Can’t Artists Finish Songs??
- How to Produce While Engineering!
- Why Everything Sounds Like Ass!
- This Week’s Plugin Winner Is..... Robert (Bag of toys)!

...And More!

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