The UBK Happy Funtime Hour (music)
Episode 13 - "Good Luck With That!"

- Question of the Week Giveaway Prize Awarded!

- Plugin Marketing Claims vs. Plugin Truth

- Grump of the Week!

- Big Snares in Dense Mixes

- What Doesn't Go in the Drum Comp

- Beware of Too Much Isolation

- UBK Saturates Everything!

- Self-Doubt... WTF?- Subwoofer Faux Pas

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Episode 12 - "I Don't Bathe Much"

- Why does Saturation add 'Depth'

- How to say "Your Music Sucks"?

- EQ tips for novices

- another UBK Brain Training Exercise®

- New Segment: "Grump of the Week" (!!!)

- How Tempo dictates Arrangement choices

And much more, another action-packed adventure for mixing & production nerds everywhere! Enjoy!!!

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Episode 11 - "Crime Pays..."

- UBK's patented "Complimentary EQ" technique

- 70's delay techniques & studio monitors

- Exactly how 'quiet' is 'quiet monitoring'?

- Better Mic Placement on Vocalists

- Whining Old Guys

- Managing Multiple Deadlines

- Happy Funtime's Analog Vocal Chain

- Singing with Feeling


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Episode 10 - "You don't like Bing Crosby???"

- UBK doesn't really like 6k

- what every client *really* wants & how to earn their trust

- get new gear vs. get better with what you have

- should you cut breaks on your rate to get a gig?

- more on getting a tight bass

- do good arrangements still need automation?

- brain chemicals & musical evolution

- is new gear a good business investment?

- when to stop trusting your ears on a mix

This one is DENSE, enjoy it twice!

Gregory Scott | UBK

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- Balancing Glue with Separation


- EQ before vs. after Compression (UBK-1 vs. UBK Fatso)


- Pusher Video Update


- Troubleshooting Digital and Analog Gainstaging


- Addressing Frequency Balance via Arrangement


- Bouncing Tracks Together = Commitment


- Lo-Fi sounds in Hi-Fi productions


- Pro's and Con's of Mixing While High


- People: Good Crazy vs. Bad Crazy


- and more!

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- Getting Past Walls & Creative Blocks in a Mix


- Small Moves, "Shaving the Mix into Being"


- Tucking Things Further Back with more Presence


- Mixing on Headphones vs. An Untreated Room


- You don't want "dead", you want "dry"


- Getting mix critiques on the Internet... hmmm....


- and more!

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- Getting a Juggernaut Low End


- Finding the Ideal Tempo


- Monitor Placement & Low Freq Tuning


- Arrangement: What It Is vs. What It Contains


- Being Ruthless with the Mute Button


- Gainstaging and When to Keep Levels Low


- Getting Free Stuff by Signing Up for the UBK HFH list


- and more!

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- Different 2-buss compression approaches


- Knowing When It's Done




- Why 192k?


- Making it Bright but Not Edgy


- Mixing more Emotionally


- and more!

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- Reverb Braintraining Exercises


- Earthquakes


- PONO: Will Anybody Care?


- Compression Before Saturation


- Arranging the Old Fashioned Way


- The Neuroscience of Compulsions


- and more!

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- Deviated Septums


- Creating Width & Depth with L/R Contrast


- Reverb: Simple Starting Points for color & movement


- Colored A/D Converters like the B2


- Coke Snorting Investment Bankers


- Tweak Your Setup to Maximize Creativity


- Davíde Pensadieux


- Monitoring at Incredibly Low Volume


- Reference Mixes: Yes or No?


- and more!

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